My Sources

Where I buy my tools and material

Crimson Guitars – luthiery tools, material, guitar parts, the lot. High quality, great service.

Fine Tools – online shop with a very big assortment of high quality tools.

Dictum – online shop for all sorts of tools and arts and craft supplies, with a large section of luthiery supplies.

Thomann – well known shop for all sorts of music related equipment, material, spare parts and, to some extent, tools. Fast shipping, good service including meaningful information about product details.

Warwick – manufacturer of electric basses (Warwick) and guitars (Framus), shop for spare parts and a wide range accessories; good service, help with specific questions/problems

Rall – tools, parts and what you need for guitarmaking

Martins Musikkiste – shop for guitar parts, accessories, fret wire, strings, books; afaik no English version available

Deutsches Tonholz – tone wood grown in Germany; good service including answers to specific questions; no English version available

Espen – tonewood, blanks and parts for electric guitars, veneers, FSC certified wood

And, of course local DIY shops which wouldn’t make much sense to list here.