Let’s pretend this is me…

What’s on the bench?

This is a blog about a guitar building project. Inspired by a number of guitar building videos on YouTube, and not least by Crimson Guitars and Ben Crowe, I – Gnaddrig – decided to try and build my own electric guitar together with my daughter – Tianakatana.

Normally, I write in German, as I have been doing for years on my other blog, gnaddrig ad libitum, where I extemporize about all sorts of things and occasionally post pictures. And Sawdust Glue and Wire has a German twin with basically the same content. No idea whether the two blogs will turn out to be identical twins or more like cousins twice removed. But the guitar building community around the Great Guitar Build Off happens to have English as its common language, so English prose is the way to go for aspiring hobby luthiers these days, and I’ll give it a try.

Depending on how this project goes, other instruments might follow (I am thinking about a bass and have ideas for other guitars, too). I might write about jigs I use, modify or possibly invent, and while I am not a professional woodworker or luthier, describing my trials and errors and, hopefully, solutions could be if not useful then at least entertaining, so here we go. Have fun! Be kind!